Bulipp... is he clown or mime, man or child, fool or genius? It's hard to say.
One thing is certain though: Bulipp is synonymous with top class entertainment!

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Theatre Performances

Bulipp finds himself in all sorts of tightspots when for example; the stage lights blow a fuse or when during a dance choreopraphy the playback music suddenly rewinds and whenever his inexhaustable imaginative mind just gets the better of him. Bulipp stumbles from one entertaining sketch to the next with a naive charm that enthralls audiences around the globe.
With over twenty years of stage experience (over thirty if one includes all those character moulding childhood productions) Philip Johnson arrives on stage as »Bulipp«, enchants and immediately gets the audience totally involved in his act.



Length: 2 x 45 min.
or excerpts 10-30 min.
Ideal for:
· Fringe
· Variety
· Combine
with a workshop

No language barriers,

Technical requirements:
Raised stage
min. (5 x 4m)
Audio system -
with CD player
Lighting as required